Home Screen & Shortcuts

Speed up many of your daily tasks and save a ton of time. You can now fully configure your home screen by creating powerful shortcuts.


  • Make often-used issues, projects, boards directly accessible on your home screen

  • Pre-configure templates for fast issue creation and avoid repetitive entries

  • Configure searches, activity streams, scanners and place them on your home screen

  • Link external apps for fast access and authentication

Here is a list of currently available shortcuts:

Shortcut Icon

Shortcut Type

What is it for?

How to set it up?

Shortcut Icon

Shortcut Type

What is it for?

How to set it up?


Pin a frequently-used issue to your home screen for fast access. You can create as many issue short-cuts as you like.

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Create Issue

Create a template for fast issue creation. Pre-configure project, issue type, and any field that you would like to pre-fill. When you create an issue just modify the fields that are different from your template.




Create a project shortcut for often-used projects. Each shortcut is displayed with its project icon to make it easily recognizable.

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Fast access shortcut to any Agile board directly from the home screen. Most useful for frequently accessed boards.




Access a Jira Service Management Queue directly with one tap from your home screen instead of having to scroll to the list of available queues.


Activity Stream

Create a custom activity stream and filter by attributes you need to see. You can filter each stream by issues, projects, activity, and issue types.



Preconfigure a basic or advanced search (JQL) with this shortcut.



Any previously created filter can be made accessible on the shortcuts home screen.



A scanner can be configured to scan supported codes (such as QR, Data matrix codes) and use the result for searching.



Set up a dashboard shortcut to access frequently used dashboards.


External URL

Set up other web applications to access directly from your home screen. If you set this up for Atlassian Cloud applications, authentication will be handled for you.