The Navigation screen is the landing screen after log in. It consists of several one-tap actions that will display a list of issues. They include

  • Assigned to me
  • Reported by me
  • Recently updated
  • Watched issues
  • Recent issues
  • Filters
  • Activities

All the actions can be manipulated by the three attributes at the bottom

  • Sorty by - will modify the search order of all the above actions. Any available field can be chosen
  • Hide close Issues - this will hide closed issues although they would otherwise be part of the search
  • Hide resolved issues - this will hide resolved issues although they would otherwise be part of the search

When the hide closed and resolved switches are on, not all issues show up on your issue searches even when selecting pre-existing filters. Turn off both switches to display all issues.

If you receive a Jira issue link in another app such as Mail, HipChat, etc. you can open up the issue directly in Mobility for Jira. Long press the issue link, tap the Share option on the next screen, and then select the Mobility for Jira icon. This will open up the issue in Mobility for Jira (available in version 5.1 and up).

Issues can be created directly on the Navigation screen by tapping the + button on the top right.