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The Published Sheets screen for the add-on allows Jira administrators to monitor and maintain all of the exports created by the add-on. Administrators can perform the following actions from the Published Sheets screen:

To access the Published Sheets screen, navigate to the Jira add-ons administration section in your Jira instance, and on the left side you will find the Published Sheets link under a Excel Online Integration heading.Click this link to access the Published Sheets screen.


From the Published Sheets screen, Jira administrators can perform the following actions on the sheets:

Search for Sheets

The Select Sheet drop down allows a user to search for sheets by name and then jump to that sheet's listing by selecting it from the drop down. Additional filtering options are available by clicking on the Sheet Filters item next to the Select Sheet drop down:
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Filters allow you to find sheets:

  • That were created during a specific date range
  • That are owned by a particular user
  • That were last updated during a specific date range
  • That have a particular update schedule

Fill in the values for any combination of filters and click Apply to show only the sheets that match your filter criteria. To remove filters and restore the complete list of sheets, click on the Remove Filters item at the end of the row.

Additional notes on filtering:

  • For date range filters, you may leave either the start date or end date blank. Leaving the start date blank will make the filter include all sheets with a date that falls on or before the end date. Leaving the end date blank will make the filter include all sheets with a date that falls on or after the start date.
  • For the Update Schedule filter, select None for sheets that do not have an update schedule set (manual update sheets). Leaving the selection empty ignores the sheet's update schedule when filtering.
  • To clear the Owner filter, place your cursor in the drop down and select the blank option.
  • If multiple filters have values provided, the filters are combined with AND logic.
  • When filters are applied, the Select Sheet drop down uses the same filter as the Published Sheets page.

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